3 great ways to help your child make friends

1. Show them how…

We can help our children make friends by showing them how we make friends with others (e.g. parents, neighbors, colleagues). Be open to communicating with other parents and get involved with all the school events too. Children imitate us and learn from us, so we can show them how it’s done how to interact positively with others.

2. Meeting more children

Allowing your child to other children as early as you can will benefit your child’s ability to make friends, as well as many other areas of their development. You can take your child to parks, playrooms, swimming pools, beaches, etc. Help your child get used to places with kids around (even as a baby) so that they can become familiar with different children, and learn from them too! All children respond and react differently to situations, and the more exposure and practice, the more your child will learn the social skills needed to make friends.

3. Play dates at home

If your child gets anxious in social settings, you can invite 1 or 2 children (who are similar in age) to your home. Your child should feel safe & secure at home as well as confident enough to interact with other children. Once your child feels safe, happy and confident, then change the location of your play dates. As an extra bit of preparation before their new friends come to visit, you can ask your child to set aside some toys for them to play with.

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