About Us

Set up by a group of skilled early child education professionals, Kickstart Education has a series of programmes designed to give learners of all levels, skills and knowledge that will stay for life. Courses cover both academic and hobby which include english, science, story telling.

Highly Experienced Staff

Our team is made up of highly experienced and passionate educational professionals who have a lot of experience specifically with teaching in Hong Kong.

Mission Statement

We believe that an education system based on exam results and repetitive learning stifles creativity and original thought in a child. Children are given instructions and rules that define rights and wrongs, rather than given guidance to grow and learn through trial and error and to develop into their own individual per
sonalities and characters…

Our Approach

Kickstart Education’s courses are designed to enable students to learn to take control of their own learning and to encourage our students to not be afraid to try things and make mistakes. Through these experiences and lessons, we
know that children are able to focus more on tasks and achieve better results while developing a self-awareness and self-belief in themselves.

My children really enjoyed the drama course. I was amazed that the teacher could get them to remember their lines and interpret the story so well

Mr. Stathern



Mrs. Zhou


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