English Courses

A list of our academic courses offered

Kickstart Education will use Nicola Guy’s Step Up Phonics® programme which is based on a well known phonetic approach, and has an innovative style that fosters the social and emotional development of each child. There are 7 levels which increase in difficulty, and when ready,children can confidently “Step Up” to the next level. Our goal is to promote happy and confident speakers, listeners, readers and writers. Children will be assessed before being placed into the correct level.

Activities: Reading, writing, speaking
Skills gained: pronunciation, grammar, sentence building
Ages: 3 – 12

FluEnSy is a systematic English conversational system that teaches children how to speak English in a natural way. FluEnSy uses fun games and action packed activities to allow children to learn new phrases and sharpen their speaking skills.

Activities: describe it, invent the word, tap word
Skills gained: phrasing, pronunciation, fluency
Ages: 3 – 9

Children are always curious about the world around them. In our Science class they will understand exciting and fun experiments and  learn to report their finding accurately.

Activities: Science experiments with different topics related to daily life
Skills gained: Logical thinking, observation, report writing
Ages: 3 – 10

In Story Time children will read, interpret, and act out different stories. They will also use picture description, sequencing and draw and tell exercises to increase their creativity and reasoning skills. These classes will also help children to develop their vocabulary, phrases, intonation and pronunciation.

Activities: Reading stories, building phrases, creating stories
Skills gained: creativity, connected speech, reading
Ages: 3 – 9

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