High Frequency words

High Frequency Words are the most commonly used words in English. The first 12 words make up 25% of those we use to speak, read, and write in English! The first 100 make up 50% of the words used in English.

Children are often taught lots of verbs and nouns. This is great, but in order to become more fluent, children need to have a great understanding of how sentences come together in English. A good knowledge of the use of high frequency words (these are usually articles, pronouns, conjunctions, and prepositions) can help children to build sentences more fluently.

We have made simple lesson pages for each of our high frequency words. We will be adding more lessons in the future. Below are a few suggestions on how to use the lessons. We encourage parents and teachers to
Each of our high frequency word lessons has 3 pages:

  1. A simple story sheet that features the word in context.

You can read it with your child.
Get them to colour in the featured word every time they see it.

  1. A question sheet, which asks simple comprehension questions about the story.

You can let the child read this or read it to the child, depending on their level.
Try to encourage them to think of sentences featuring the word.

  1. A fill the gap sheet – an optional extra activity

5 words from the story are missing 1 vowel.
Children can try to fill in the missing vowel.

They can then check from the story to see if they are correct!

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