Hobby Courses

A list of our hobby courses in Sheung Wan

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This club allows children to explore many fun and interesting activities. Each day will have a different focus point.

Monday: Games, Chatting

Tuesday: Music, Song

Wedesday: Art, Craft

Thursday: Science, Experiments

Friday: Story

Activities: Exploring games, music, basic science, and art and craft.
Skills:  Cooperation, communication, motor skills.
Ages: 3-5

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Do you want to improve your child’s communication, cooperation and quick thinking? We have over 20 different games for the children to learn. They will be guided by teachers to play fairly!

Activities: Strategy game play, rules, key phrases
Skills: strategic thinking, communication, cooperation
Age: 5 – 11


Children are very curious about the world around them. In our science explorers club they will do experiments, build things, and discover how things work!

Activities: Experiments, electrical circuits, robots, design and construction.

Skills gained: Persistence, cooperation, problem-solving, creative thinking.
Ages: 6 – 10

Kickstart hobby-18

We have partnered with Vikings football to bring professionally qualified football coaches to central and western district for the first time. Children will learn teamwork and skills from footballers who play at the elite level in Hong Kong. Children will increase their fitness and coordination and learn a fun sport at the same time!

Activities: Shooting, passing, fitness
Skills: teamwork, coordination, determination
Ages: 5 – 11