Parental Courses

A list of our parental based courses


Do you often wonder how to communicate effectively to your child

Do you wonder what your child is thinking?

Do you sometimes struggle to create an environment where they will cooperate with your requests?

The Communication Key is a 2 workshop course designed and presented by clinical Psychologist Dr. Julia Andre in a small group format.

The workshops will teach and demonstrate simple and effective communication techniques that will improve relationships, happiness, and academic achievement.


Workshop 1 topics (3 hours, parent only):

  • The different faces of communication: active, passive, passive-aggressive and assertive: How can I create harmonious and effective communication at home?
  • Communication of needs: How can I become a more predictable parent for my children?
  • The secret power of “validation”: How can my child feel truly understood by me?
  • Role play: how can I be assertive and how can I apply validation?

Workshop 2 (90 mins, parent + 1 child):

  • Help your child become a master communicator.
  • Recognising and naming emotions in ourselves and others.
  • Validation in action: parent and child role play.

Who can join: Parents  and children (7 – 9 years old)

Date: Two concurrent Saturday mornings

  1. Sept: 16th and 23th
  2. Oct: 21st and 28th
  3. Nov: 25th and 2nd
  4. Dec: 25th and 2nd

Time: 10am – 1pm

Price: $2250


These seminars will run once a month. Selected experts in the international school application process will give key advice to parents on how to prepare their children and how best to navigate the stressful process of school interviews. Parents will then be allowed to ask questions and discuss with the experts.

“In my time conducting interviews at kindergarten level, it was always easy to see when child had been coached by the parents. The child was often too focused on following learnt instructions, this didn’t allow the true personality of the child to shine through. The parent’s coaching actually had a detrimental effect on performance” - Charles Beddow