At Kickstart Education, we provide private tuition in our centre and at student’s homes. Private tuition is suitable and highly effective for students of all ages. See our article tips for finding the perfect tutor to help you learn more.


We can provide tuition for:

  • English enrichment
  • School interview
  • Speaking competitions

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We work with families to understand their child’s needs and advise on the best strategy. We can then tailor a course specifically for their child. Private tuition is extremely effective if a student has a weakness in their overall English ability. It can also be an excellent choice if a child has an upcoming event, such as a school interview or an exam.


We have had huge success over the past 3 years, helping students get into some of the best schools in Hong Kong. We have also had success with students who have moved to Hong Kong from overseas with low English. See the case studies and testimonials below to find out more.


Our experienced team is well known for delivering exceptional learning results.  Enquire now to discuss your case with one of our team .

Case Studies


Age: 5


Gender: Male


Situation: Victor had moved from China and was trying to get a place at an international primary school, his general English level was very weak and he struggled to focus on learning tasks.


Strategy: To teach the basics of speaking reading and writing in a fun way. Helping Victor to enjoy the classes and his learning tasks.


Result: Over a 3 month period, Victor improved from almost no English to confidently speaking. He was able to join his parent’s ideal school the following September.


Parent comment: “I’m so happy that Victor got into our preferred school. We wish to carry on with tuition because he enjoys lessons with the tutor so much!”


Age: 6


Gender: Male


Situation: Martin had excellent spoken English but his reading and writing was extremely weak. His parents had never put any learning pressure or taken him to extra classes.


Strategy: To teach Martin to blend phonics and to read double letter sounds.


Result: Martin’s near fluency in spoken English allowed him to quickly learn the skill of phonics blending and therefore reading.


Mother comment: “We had not sent him to any reading or writing classes before, so I’m extremely happy with the fast improvement to his reading and writing ability.”


Age: 12


Gender: Female


Situation: Due to a serious illness, Angela had missed a long period of school and was behind in her maths and English level upon her return to school.


Strategy: To work from Angela’s initial level and English and maths and build her ability and confidence, to allow her to match her peer group.


Result: Angela has made huge progress learning at a pace that suits her. In the medium term


Parent comment: “The material is and teaching is just right for my daughter. She enjoys the classesand will be able to start the new school year confidently”

Eric and Mark

Age: 5 and 9


Gender: Male


Situation: Moving from abroad to Hong Kong. Joining a Hong Kong international school with very limited English.


Strategy: Supplementary tuition for 2 hours a week per child for the first 6 months of their schooling to build English skill and confidence.


Result: The 2 brothers made a dramatic improvement in all aspects of their English, due to their exposure to different


Parent comment: “We are delighted with the boys’ progress and the school has commented on how well they have improved!”

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