At Kickstart Education, we provide private tuition in our centre and at student’s homes. Private tuition is suitable and highly effective for students of all ages. See our article tips for finding the perfect tutor to help you learn more.

We work with families to understand their child’s needs and advise on the best strategy. We can then tailor a course specifically for their child. Private tuition is extremely effective if a student has a weakness in their overall English ability. It can also be an excellent choice if a child has an upcoming event, such as a school interview or an exam.


We have had huge success over the past 3 years, helping students get into some of the best schools in Hong Kong. We have also had success with students who have moved to Hong Kong from overseas with low English. See the case studies and testimonials below to find out more.

Our experienced team is well known for delivering exceptional learning results.  Enquire now to discuss your case with one of our team .